For years several parishes and schools in the Diocese of Lexington have offered seminarian “adoption” programs to encourage the faithful to support vocations. The specifics vary from program to program, but generally involve an individual, family, or group being assigned one seminarian for whom they pray and send messages of support.  On the receiving end, our seminarians have expressed repeatedly how much it means to them to receive this support. Being far away from families and homes, it has been greatly encouraging them to receive support and affirmation that what they are doing–and preparing to do–really matters and touches the lives of many people. The Vocations Office recently launched to expand this program. While a website can never replace the personal care or depth of the programs already established, it can reach people who would otherwise be unable to participate. Visitors to the website are assigned a seminarian, by random selection, and asked to pray for him for three months. They receive a little information about the seminarian as well as a photo, and the seminarian receives a simple email with the name and parish of the person praying for them. The seminarians have also agreed to pray for these individuals  in return. The Vocations Office would like to especially thank those working in parishes and schools to support vocations, especially those who are running comprehensive Adopt a Seminarian programs.