As you begin to explore what God asks of you in this earthly life, you may not be 100% sure of God’s specific plan for your secondary vocation. Seeking clarity as to what God calls you is the process of discernment. One of the Vocations Office’s primary functions is to assist young men and women through this process, providing you the resources and connections you need to identify and follow God’s call.

You must never think you are alone in deciding your future! And second: when deciding your future, you must not decide for yourself alone!

Blessed John Paul II

What is a vocation?

What is this 'vocation' that I am supposed to be discerning?

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Discernment Quiz

Do you have the signs and characteristics of a good candidate for the seminary?

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Who is a candidate to enter seminary?

Every seminarian is different, and so are the paths that have led them there.

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Principles of discernment

Sometimes we need some tools to help us find the right path.

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Stages of discernment

Where are you on the journey of discerning your vocation?

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What should I be doing if I'm discerning?

How can I learn to listen to what God is calling me to do with my life?

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