Every seminarian is different, and so are the paths that have led them there. Each man brings his unique personality and gifts to the seminary. With this in mind, there are certain “norms” for candidates applying to the seminary for the Diocese of Lexington.

In general, candidates for seminary should…

  • Be a believing, practicing Catholic (most seminaries require candidates to have been a Catholic for at least 2 years)
  • Be active in his parish
  • Be striving to live a life of virtue
  • Have spent time sincerely discerning and feel that God is calling them to the seminary
  • Have a thirst to bring Jesus and his teachings to the world
  • Be willing to sacrifice himself for others
  • Deeply appreciate the sacraments
  • Have an overall personal balance (emotional, spiritual, and physical)
  • Have a healthy psycho-sexual development and orientation with the ability to live a celibate life
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be able to complete seminary and be ordained by the age 0f 60
  • Possess a high school/GED degree for entrance into college seminary, or a Bachelor’s degree for entrance into major seminary
  • Have no impediments (as listed in Canon 1041-1042)
  • Have no inhibiting obligations (such as excessive debt or responsibility for raising young children)

God does not always call the best to be his priests, but he does expect the best of those he calls.

-Rev. Brett Brannen

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