semlifeThe Diocese of Lexington sends seminarians to different seminaries depending on their age and background. Common to all is a focus on listening to God’s call and developing in the Four Pillars of Formation. The 4 pillars are designed to form the man into a well-rounded and well-adjusted priest, and are centered on spiritual, intellectual, human, and pastoral development.

Prayer is interwoven with the daily life of seminarians, and spiritual directors meet with each seminarian ever few weeks. A deep prayer life prepares seminarians for a lifetime’s journey with Christ, enriches their ministry, and firms their vocational calling.

Academics prepare seminarians to serve as capable ministers of God’s Word. College level study provides a broad liberal arts background with an emphasis on philosophy from a Catholic perspective, and theology level study equips students with critical thinking skills, wisdom, and knowledge of the Church’s rich Tradition and teachings.

Students have private rooms to encourage a deep prayer life and serious study, balanced by many opportunities to participate in intramural sports, physical exercise, movie nights, fellowship with other seminarians, etc. In addition, there are several opportunities and even classes for seminarians to develop as a person, including counseling when needed and training for building effective and safe relationships.

Pastoral classes and assignments prepare students for ministry with real-world experience, gained through summer Clinical Pastoral Experiences (CPE) and assignments at a parish or ministry in the Diocese of Lexington.

During the summer, all seminarians from the Diocese of Lexington gather to support each other and continue to be formed through parish assignments, shared prayer, and other events. The annual Seminarian Convocation (June) and Bishop’s Dinner (July) are particularly important in building community and support amongst the seminarians, regardless of which seminary they attend during the school year.

Living a Balanced Life

Seminarians are not only allowed but encouraged to include varied interests in their daily life. Sports, movies, board games, hiking, concerts, music, book clubs, and any other appropriate activity can be seen around the seminary on a daily basis.

Different seminaries have different policies, but the answer is yes. Typically there are requirements like having to check out and back in when you are off campus, or asking that you are away from the seminary a limited amount of time so that you can devote most of your focus to engaging seminary life and formation.

“It’s like a tiny college where mentioning God’s acceptable.”
Marc Bentley, Saint Meinrad
“I never thought I could build so many relationships over ping pong.”
Marc Bentley, Saint Meinrad

The 4 Pillars of Formation

Seminarians receive Human, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Pastoral formation.

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