handsofmary1The priesthood, the religious life, and the diaconate are special manifestations of the Christian mission. Those who are called– and who answer the call–can bring Christ’s love to the world not only through what they do, but also in the very essence of who they are. A priest becomes Christ’s healing love when, in a moment of great need, he gives the sacraments to an injured body or a wounded soul.  A deacon who  faithfully brings Holy Communion to a homebound neighbor becomes the face of Jesus.  A religious sister who teaches children for decades is herself the unfailing devotion and love of Christ.

Yet vocations to the priesthood, religious life, diaconate, and even Christian marriage are counter-cultural.  Those who consider living a life of service to Christ, His Church, and His flock, are often discouraged, if not directly by people in their lives, then indirectly by the culture around them.  Therefore, it is our task to build a culture of vocations, an atmosphere of prayer and support for everyone who is discerning, or striving to follow, the will of God. In helping them answer God’s call, we are helping them bring Christ to the world.

As you explore our programs, consider how you personally can help in one or more areas. Your parish may already have a vocations committee or coordinator in place, to which you can contribute your unique talents and gifts. If not, you may consider starting one and inviting others to join you. In either case, know that you are working to build Jesus’ Church in answer to the great need of our world. As Jesus said, “the harvest is abundant but the laborers are few” (Mt 9:37).

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Hands of Mary

Want to help promote vocations in your parish?

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The Vocations Office has identified 4 key areas in which parishes can greatly HELP in this work.
Supporting those in formation or discerning. See our current seminarians and current religious in formation.
Keeping an eye out for potential candidates. Learn about the Eyes of Mary and Casting the Nets.
Asking the Lord of the Harvest for help and support. Read more about praying for vocations.

Eyes of Mary: Looking for her sons & daughters

Identifying potential candidates for priesthood and religious life.

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Voices of Mary: Praying for her sons and daughters

Prayer is a powerful way to support vocations.

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Who's answering the call?

Meet the current seminarians, learn their stories, and send them a note.

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Meet Those in Religious Formation

Men and women are still answering the call to the religious life...even from our own diocese!

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Contact Us

Let us help you get the resources you need for vocations.

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