TOTUS TUUS is a fun and energetic parish-based summer catechetical program, for both grade school age children and junior and senior high school youth.  We gather qualified college students and seminarians on teams of four in order to train them and send them out on the road to spread the Good News of Jesus and Christ in various parishes through the Diocese of Lexington.

The program began in Wichita, Kansas over twenty years ago, and has since spread to many dioceses across the country, including the Diocese of Lexington.  With its curriculum on a six-year cycle, every year provides fresh, vibrant catechesis.
2017 Parish Dates:
Good Shepherd, Frankfort, KY – June 10-16
St. Joseph, Winchester, KY – June 17-23
Cathedral of Christ the King, Lexington, KY – June 24-30
Ss. Francis and John, Georgetown, KY – July 8-14
Holy Spirit, Lexington, KY – July 15-21
St. Francis of Assisi, Pikeville, KY – July 22-28
All parish spots for summer 2017 have been reserved.

Afternoon Skit

Program Structure

During the week, children entering grades first through sixth participate in four classes each day, attend daily Mass, learn the Mass parts and liturgical songs, participate in games, icebreakers, skits, songs, recess, and prayer.

The grade school program runs Monday through Friday and helps children to learn and be reinforced in important principles of their Catholic faith.  College students who are on fire with their faith give the students examples which the youth can observe and then imitate.

  • 9:00              Introduction
  • 9:15              Pump Up
  • 9:25              Class period #1
  • 9:50              Snack/Game
  • 10:10          Music Preparation for Mass
  • 10:20            Class period #2
  • 10:45            Mass Prep / Confession
  • 11:15            Mass
  • 12:00 PM      Lunch / Recess
  • 1:00              Water Break
  • 1:10              Class period #3
  • 1:35              Skit
  • 1:50              Class period #4
  • 2:15              Review & Closing prayer
  • 2:30              Dismissal
Totus Tuus offers an evening program for junior and senior high school youth (grades 7-12) from Sunday through Thursday evening at 7:00-9:00 pm. We have found that energetic, faithful, college-aged teachers can effectively impact junior and senior high school youth. The Totus Tuus Jr. High and High School Program includes opportunities for the youth to experience Jesus Christ. 
  • 7:00           Introduction
  • 7:15            Session #1
  • 8:00           Break
  • 8:10            Session #2
  • 8:45           Night Prayer
The team of 4 missionaries becomes integrated into the parish community during the week. Volunteers from the parish help coordinate the program and high school youth volunteer with the activities. The missionaries stay, eat supper, and pray with parishioners, participate at a parish-wide event (i.e. potluck), and work to bring their enthusiasm for the faith into all aspects of parish life.

Totus Tuus Missionaries

Totus Tuus missionaries are faith-filled college students and seminarians willing to give themselves totally to Christ for the summer.

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